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Member First Name Last Name EMail Gender Region Represented Nation
Abader Abdi Male
Abduhakim Agal Male
Adanch Abebea Female
Akilelu Adula Male
Alemnesh Asfaw Female
Alemtshay Elias Female
Alemyehu Bawd Male
Almaz Demissie Female
Amarech Ermias Female
Anguach Fente Female
Antenhi Fekadu Male
Ayire Aligo Male
Berket Bezabehi Female
Binalf Andualam Male
Daba Debelle Male
Dawit Beshketa Male
Dessie Dalke Male
Eshetu Dessie Male
Fireweyni G/Egzabhair Female
Gedu Andargachew Male
Getu Argaw Male
Gizat Abiyu Male
Goda Eda Male
Helen Debebe Female
Heto Azgaw Male
Kedir Adem Male
Kolenga Ekale Female
Libn Arerro Male
Lingerish Belay Female
Lomi Bedo Female
Melese Alemu Male
Mihret Asratu Female
Misganaw Admassu Male
Misrak Bino Female
Mogose Balecha Male
Mohammed Abdu Male
Mohammed Esaki Male
Musina Abdela Female
Nakiya Anekosiya Female
Samuel Demisse Male
Seman Abagojame Male
Senay Akuwor Male
Seyife Dinharun Male
Shemles Abidssa Male
Shibbr Eshetu Male
Sindi Etabo Male
Sitina Bedasso Female
Suad Ahmed Female
Tadele Buraka Male
Tamirat Dira Male